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Six last-minute Christmas gifts every kid will love this summer

  1. grossery-gangGrossery Gang Yucky Mart Playset
    Moose Toys
    Take a peek inside the Yucky Mart and you might just catch The Grossery Gang hanging out in the vile aisles! This crusty crew of putrid products have hit their expiration dates and festered to life to create their own brand of filthy fun! The fun times (and fragrant fumes) never stop when the Grossery Gang’s involved!

  1. watermelon-beach-ball-sunnylifeWatermelon inflatable beach ball
    Inflatables are big this summer and fruit is the other key theme of the season – this sun-sational inflatable beach ball combines both of these! Plus, did we mention it happens to look like a giant watermelon cut in half?

  1. image-8Ticket to Swisse Kids presents Splashland
    Throw out the X-Boxes and Gameboys, Splashland is bringing five inflatable water slides, including the world’s biggest, Trippo, to Mornington Racecourse and Caulfield Racecourse this summer for hours of slippery, slide-y, summer fun! With a menu that will delight both kids and adults (keep a lookout for the throwbacks to your own summer trips down to the local milk bar) and a wonderland of summer fun, Splashland is the place to be these school holidays.

  1. bbl-light-up-batLight-up cricket bat
    Big Bash League
    Summer means long days playing cricket on the beach or in the backyard (where everyone knows that if you hit the ball over the fence, it’s six and out), which is why we are loving these light-up plastic bats from the Big Bash League. Not only are the lights practical for when it starts getting dark, but they’re obviously a must-have for every young cricketer. Plus, they come in a range of team colours!

  1. shopkinsShopkins Shoppies Donatina Donut Stand
    Moose Toys
    Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or if you only have sons), Shopkins are the ‘it’ toy of this year. These tiny collectable figurines come in every possible shape, style and colour, but we particularly love the donut stand because of the cute little sprinkled pastries and shopping cart that comes with it.

  1. karyn-in-la-milly-sunglassesJohn Lennon-esque sunglasses
    City Beach Australia
    They may be about 40 years too young to know who John Lennon is, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t wear sunglasses inspired by the music legend!

22 healthy food habits to share with your kids

Exactly how to stay healthy and happy this summer


Exactly how to stay healthy and happy this summer
By Melissa Shedden

Practice makes perfect – so get onto these healthy food habits with your kids, stat.

  1. Actually eat breakfast, instead of going for the dash-and-drink option
  2. Make your water bottle your wingman – always have one with you
  3. Hot up your H20 by infusing it with orange or lemon slices, berries and mint
  4. Swap the TV or laptop dinner for dinner at the table
  5. Hit your five and two – that’s five serves of veg and two fruit a day
  6. Eat the rainbow
  7. Recruit a sous chef and watch your tastes and menus expand
  8. Tune into fullness, hunger isn’t the only food feeling
  9. Cook more meals at home
  10. Life isn’t a never-ending buffet – practice portion control
  11. Get savvy with food swaps – sweet potato for potato, cream for yoghurt, mayo for avocado


  1. Keep your cheat day at just that, one day or meal
  2. Think of your kilojoules like a glass – you want them full of nutrients, not empty
  3. Get to know the “Healthy Plate”
  4. Just like sleep, it pays to stick to regular meal times
  5. Make time for your weekly grocery shop so you get your good food fill
  6. Everything in moderation, same goes for dessert
  7. Pick natural snacks over packaged ones
  8. Switch to healthy wholegrains and say bye to beige
  9. Use herbs and spices – not secretly-sugary sauces – to add flavour
  10. Learn the healthy versions of your favourite foods like zucchini brownies
  11. Substitute sugar with better-for-you natural sweeteners like berries and raw honey

The Swisse Kids Multivitamin’s comprehensive formula contains 22 vitamins, minerals and herbs.

12 days ‘til Xmas Splashland giveaway

With only a few days left until Santa squeezes down our chimneys, we’re feeling festive and have some great giveaways to match our Christmas spirit!

Swisse Kids Presents Splashland has six stocking stuffers to give away, each valued at $149 that include Shopkins, The Grossery Gang and Twozies.

Every second day from Thursday 15 December to Sunday 25 December, we’ll give away one of these prize packs to a lucky winner!

And while you’re here, have you thought about buying tickets to Swisse Kids Presents Splashland for a good girl or boy this Christmas? Buy tickets here.

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When size matters: who and what is Trippo the water slide?


Australians love big things. We drive for miles to visit the Big Banana and the Big Pineapple. One of the most iconic, sacred and culturally significant landmarks in this entire country is the big rock itself, Uluru. We just love big things.

Trippo water slide is simply huge. In fact, it’s the world’s largest inflatable water slide.

Try to imagine a 12m-high monster jumping castle that’s as wide as a 10-lane swimming pool and has 54m of water slide coming out of it. Now you’re beginning to understand just how enormous this water slide is.

If you put Trippo next to a building and stood at the top of the water slide, you’d be able to peer into the third-story window and wave at whoever was inside.

Trippo has been spreading the joy at Perth, Cairns, Port Douglas and Victor Harbour, but this year the world’s biggest inflatable water slide is making its way to join Swisse Kids Presents Splashland in Mornington and Melbourne this summer.

And we just know that every kids who slides down Trippo is going to love boasting to their friends that they’ve been on the world biggest water slide these summer holidays.

Just Released: Santa’s Christmas Bundle!

Looking for some Christmas inspiration?  Research shows that giving the gift of experiences are better received than traditional gift wrapped gifts. It’s scientific!

So, with the temperatures set to soar this summer, treat your friends and family to the ultimate summertime experience at Splashland.

For a limited time, we are packaging up a family pass to Swisse Kids Presents Splashland into one neat little Christmas Bundle. For $69 receive entry for two adults and two kids (aged 12 or below) to the park at either Mornington or Caulfield, plus VIP parking. That’s a saving of 25%!

Christmas presents? Sorted!

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