When size matters: who and what is Trippo the water slide?


Australians love big things. We drive for miles to visit the Big Banana and the Big Pineapple. One of the most iconic, sacred and culturally significant landmarks in this entire country is the big rock itself, Uluru. We just love big things.

Trippo water slide is simply huge. In fact, it’s the world’s largest inflatable water slide.

Try to imagine a 12m-high monster jumping castle that’s as wide as a 10-lane swimming pool and has 54m of water slide coming out of it. Now you’re beginning to understand just how enormous this water slide is.

If you put Trippo next to a building and stood at the top of the water slide, you’d be able to peer into the third-story window and wave at whoever was inside.

Trippo has been spreading the joy at Perth, Cairns, Port Douglas and Victor Harbour, but this year the world’s biggest inflatable water slide is making its way to join Swisse Kids Presents Splashland in Mornington and Melbourne this summer.

And we just know that every kids who slides down Trippo is going to love boasting to their friends that they’ve been on the world biggest water slide these summer holidays.