22 healthy food habits to share with your kids

Exactly how to stay healthy and happy this summer


Exactly how to stay healthy and happy this summer
By Melissa Shedden

Practice makes perfect – so get onto these healthy food habits with your kids, stat.

  1. Actually eat breakfast, instead of going for the dash-and-drink option
  2. Make your water bottle your wingman – always have one with you
  3. Hot up your H20 by infusing it with orange or lemon slices, berries and mint
  4. Swap the TV or laptop dinner for dinner at the table
  5. Hit your five and two – that’s five serves of veg and two fruit a day
  6. Eat the rainbow
  7. Recruit a sous chef and watch your tastes and menus expand
  8. Tune into fullness, hunger isn’t the only food feeling
  9. Cook more meals at home
  10. Life isn’t a never-ending buffet – practice portion control
  11. Get savvy with food swaps – sweet potato for potato, cream for yoghurt, mayo for avocado


  1. Keep your cheat day at just that, one day or meal
  2. Think of your kilojoules like a glass – you want them full of nutrients, not empty
  3. Get to know the “Healthy Plate”
  4. Just like sleep, it pays to stick to regular meal times
  5. Make time for your weekly grocery shop so you get your good food fill
  6. Everything in moderation, same goes for dessert
  7. Pick natural snacks over packaged ones
  8. Switch to healthy wholegrains and say bye to beige
  9. Use herbs and spices – not secretly-sugary sauces – to add flavour
  10. Learn the healthy versions of your favourite foods like zucchini brownies
  11. Substitute sugar with better-for-you natural sweeteners like berries and raw honey

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